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Sapient InterSocial Submitter

Sapient InterSocial Submitter

It is possible to count on what results at
 Sapient Social Submitter use.

  • 1. A good traffic from social networks
    By means of Sapient Social Submitter you can place the bookmarks in unlimited number of accounts which itself for you and will register. And the accounts "humanized" - the program itself fills such sections as birthday, age etc. Thus itself will vote on behalf of other yours акков for added news. It will affect popularity of your reference. And the reference is more popular, the closer it to the main page and respectively it will be seen by many visitors. The base of social spheres is constantly updated - the unemployed is cleaned, and instead of them the new are added. Updatings of base leave about 2 times a week. It is updated as well the program.
  • 2. A traffic from search engines
    The bookmarks placed in social networks are indexed by robots of search engines and get to delivery. Visitors coming on a site a site of social sphere find your bookmark and already from there on your site.
  • 3. Huge reference weight
    By means of Sapient Social Submitter your site will receive a large number of references and on main, and that too it is very important, on internal pages. All news placed by you or bookmarks thanks to used tags will get on some pages of a social network which correspond to these tags.
  • 4. Appreciable improvement of a sickle
    When using the anchors of references necessary to you, positions of your site or sites will improve by the necessary inquiries Use anchors of references necessary for you, and at the expense of increasing reference ranging of a position of sites in delivery of searchers, by necessary inquiries, everything  will be better and better.
  • 5. PageRank
    Many social networks leave the placed references open, and it means that the weight of pages of your site increases.
  • 6. Fast indexation
    Social networks welcome most quickly filled by new contents and consequently robots of search engines literally "spend the day and spend the night" in social spheres. Your bookmarks means quickly will get to their base and in a current of a small period search boats will visit a site according to your references.

  • 8. Huge economy of time
    If manually рамещать news or a bookmark in services, that on another at you simply does not remain to time - only to these and will be engaged. Whether it is better to start simply the program which would will make work in some minutes on which at you cunningly many hours. Keep the time, start up instead of you your computer works.
  • Sapient InterSocial Submitter

  • There is more expanded Sapient Social Submitter version is Sapient InterSocial Submitter (SIS) It is developed on the basis of the above described program and besides existing Russian-speaking social spheres, "fat" burzhuinsky social spheres are included in base. Even if from foreign social spheres the traffic on a site will be less, than with Russian-speaking, the superfluous reference to a site from an authoritative resource is always very much even well!!!!!!!

  • Among other things programs have excellent video the instruction

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