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Site creation

Choice of a subject of a site

Before creation of a site it is necessary to decide on subject which will be interesting as you, and your visitors first of all. Among popular subjects it is possible to allocate: health, work on the Internet, programs, audiobooks, automobile subject and etc. Your subject is interesting to define or not it is possible to use service - www.wordstat.yandex.ru. Decide on a keyword of your subject (it is possible to choose some words) - for example for an automobile subject it is possible to choose a word the car. Enter it into a form and learn how many time by this word announcements were shown. If the number of displays more than 4000 - means a subject is popular and it is possible to undertake it safely.

Site creation

Site creation

At this stage it is necessary to create a site HTML template into which you will insert further the articles. There is a great number of HTML editors and simple and difficult. Personally I use FrontPage 2003 RUS. To work in it it is simple and easy. For work in it knowledge of HTML language which I do not know are not necessary and to study there is no desire. An important factor is creation of unique articles on a subject. Articles should be really written by you, differently the advantage of them any will not be.

Site promotion

To place a site on the Internet to you it will be necessary to register a domain name and to choose a hosting. Before монетизировать a site i.e. to start to receive with it the income, it is necessary to carry out work on increase in popularity of your site - to be engaged in promotion. There is a set of services offering the services in site promotion. Is good, and is also such which will take from you a payment for service, and in 2-3 days will unsubscribe. that everything made and unclear they worked or not. Among really high-quality services it is possible to allocate 1PS.RU.  As there are many programs by means of which you can independently register the site in catalogs, social networks, forums, bulletin boards etc. Among them it is possible to allocate следующие:Sapient Social Submitte, Allsubmitter, Razor Sharp Submitter, Sitemap Writer Pro. I use license versions of these programs. It is possible to find in the Internet certainly kryaknuty programs, but I do not use them essentially. And matter is not that to use such programs there is a buzzing (I will not speak about violation of the author's rights - Russia did not grow before yet and it will be visible not soon), simply at the most inappropriate moment such program can глюкнуть and you will lose everything that turned out in a current of a long time.

Site monetization

After your site will be indexed by searchers, will appear in delivery, will receive some TITs and PR, it is possible to begin монетизировать a site - i.e. to start to receive the income for the sake of which all and was started. Among services it is possible to recommend the following: Sape, MainLink, AdSense, and also program of news posting of PostNews. I will tell further in more detail.

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