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Registration in catalogs

For what it is necessary to register a site in catalogs with the help 1PS.RU?

Why you should register the site? On it there are some reasons:

  1. Your site will receive additional visitors from catalogs.
  2. Improvement of positions in searchers, at the expense of acquisition of back links on your site.
  3. Thematic references to a site.
  4. Improves reference on ranging since the name of a site which is registered in catalogs is a reference with necessary keywords.

Differently, registration with the help 1PS.RU - a cheap and qualitative way of receiving a large number of references to your site with necessary keywords on thematic pages.

The main advantage 1PS.RU if to compare to manual registration is a high speed of registration, and also constantly filled and updated base of catalogs.

Why 1PS quicker?

Because 1PS service is offered to you the whole line of tariffs from which you can choose optimum for yourselves on expenses of money and time.

All tariffs of 1PS save your time!

  1. The catalogs which were in base are already processed for registration, idle or badly working; are disconnected. In base 1PS.RU is catalogs. And the base constantly replenishes.
  2. Workers of service can make work for you!

Count cost of expenses for the Internet and the time, leaves that services 1PS of it stand.

Why 1PS is more reliable?

All registration occurs in a semi-automatic mode. And it means that is visible each catalog and at any time it is possible to correct information on a traceable site under requests of each catalog.

Even if you independently register a site - 1PS will warn you about mistakes.

After registration you receive the entire account.

Even if some catalogs not доступены at the moment of registration, it is possible to add later a site in them, together with in new catalogs.

By drawing up of the questionnaire of a site it is possible to use a large quantity of versions of descriptions of a site and names that will allow to avoid gluing together of references.

Is available as well a free DEMO tariff by means of which it is possible to estimate all possibilities of 1PS service for independent registration (restriction: It is possible to register 50 catalogs at any time, and the others from 2nd to 6 nights).

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