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RazorSharp Submitter

RazorSharp Submitter

The RazorSharp Submitter program is necessary a web - to masters for registration of RSS tapes in catalogs of blogs and RSS catalogs.

As a result of registration you receive:

  • it is a lot of back links  from catalogs on a site which advance;
  • additional traffic from catalogs on the site;
  • notable improvement of positions of the site in searchers which will give the received back references and respectively a quite good traffic from a sickle;
  • number of your subscribers will increase in times.

The majority  of catalogs of blogs and RSS catalogs at first are checked by the moderator, and then only are published, therefore in them practically there is no garbage. In a consequence of it of the reference from such resources have good weight and a trust.

In base of the RazorSharp Submitter program there are only white catalogs are catalogs which do not demand  to place a back reference from your site.

- not the unique program which has been specially created for work with catalogs of blogs and RSS catalogs, but it is possible to approve RazorSharp Submitter with confidence that it is the best program today in this area.

RazorSharp Submitter - has convenient and intuitively clear interface which will not cause difficulties even in the beginner.

RazorSharp Submitter is modern and powerful, the program for advance of your RSS tapes. With its help it is possible easily and to add quickly a large number of your RSS tapes in more than 120 qualitative catalogs. The RazorSharp Submitter program is issued in 2 - x  versions

  • the full Professional version  - with full base of Russian-speaking and burzhuinsky  catalogs
  • the initial version Basic.Ru - base contains only Russian-speaking catalogs.

RazorSharp Submitter

The RazorSharp Submitter program is constantly updated. Idle resources are eliminated, and the qualitative are added only. Getting RazorSharp Submitter, you obtain the annual license for updatings. After a year the program also remains full-function and update the license to the actual version you can when it will want. Having such RazorSharp Submitter  you can render paid services in registration on RSS catalogs and RSS tapes.


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