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PostNews - the news posting program

Earnings on fayloobmennik

You likely many times downloaded on the Internet from fayloobmennik various programs, films, music etc. For that that you download fayloobmennik pay in that who downloaded to them files a small money. Work principle the following: you have an interesting news (the new film, the program, the clip, etc.), fill in it on a fayloobmennik, make to it the description and place the description and the reference to a gallop on a news site (such sites on the Internet millions). People download - you receive a money (usually within 5 dollars for 1000 downloadings). Certainly from one site at you so many pumping will not be gathered. It will not be gathered and from hundred sites, and here from several thousand sites - earnings will be quite notable. To place news on one site about 10-15 minutes leave. At once there is a desire to spit such earnings. Whether not so? Here for this purpose also there are programs for placement of news.



One of such programs is PostNews – the program for multiline sending of news on DLE and UCOZ sites. PostNewsплностью in Russian, has a huge set of functions of the sites connected with search for posting (placement) of news, the analysis of sites, and a grabbing of news. All functions of the PostNews program (costs at the developer of $20) are carried out mnogopotochno. By means of this program you will easily create bases of sites for posting. You will need to fill only once a template with news, to press the button - "to add news" and it is possible to go to drink coffee or beer. The program itself will place news on your base on hundreds and thousand sites. The only thing that this way of earnings not very much is a complete non-compliance with copyright (after all each file has a lawful owner). But who in our country looks at it.

In real life copyright is often broken, and in a network still, probably, years 10-15 will not be any observance of the rights (itself from it I suffer - photos of my works took away on all Internet and some even give out them for the).


The most widespread fayloobmennik are


 Also I can offer free of charge base from more than 8 000 sites divided on 5 popular subjects: books, games, films, music, software (in due time bought for 10 dollars)


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