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Earnings on the Internet

As one character from one film told: "I will tell that I know - that I do not know - I will not tell."

 The hero of novels "12 chairs" and "A gold calf" Ostap Bender argued that he knows 400 rather honest ways of depriving of money at the population, but thus he said that honors the criminal code. Modern Ostapy, having added to the arsenal the Internet, know much more ways and the criminal code them does not frighten. Unfortunately to punish such people, now, it is almost impossible. The unique protection is not to contact such projects. Here some of them:

SAR - system of active advertizing

Here everything is simple. You are registered on a site and have an opportunity to look through pages of advertisers. Payment for one such viewing of at most a half-cent. For an hour it is possible to see about 100 sites. Here also it turns out that for an hour it is possible to earn about 50 - ти cents. In addition from such volume of the seen pages also the headache can be received. To whom are such earnings necessary? On the Internet many programs which allegedly assume all work on viewing of pages walk. You start such program and through any time it shows you the sum earned for you (depending on operating time the sum can be and 10 and 20 and even 100 dollars), but for their receiving you need to activate the program, and for this purpose to a certain account to transfer from 1 to the 3rd dollars. Many on it are conducted. I too an exception was not. Money goes some years.

The financial pyramid not is the correct and honest earnings on the Internet.

Financial pyramid

Usually begins with that letters start to come to your mail box with invitations to take part in "the supernew and profitable project" and to earn thus the huge sum of money. You are registered, pay the specified sum (as a rule from 1 to 10 dollars) and begin work - which essence is reduced to attraction in the project of new participants. And how it is possible to involve the person in the project? In the same way as enticed also you - to dispatch spam and to tell about the huge income (i.e. to be engaged in deception), which you never and did not receive and do not receive because all these pyramids are short-lived and as soon as the owner of a pyramid being on the top will cease to receive the income - it will simply close it and will start where - нибудь new, but already with other name.


The investment projects developing on the scheme of a pyramid. You are offered to deposit money under huge percent. It is possible to tickle certainly to itself nerves and to participate, but there is a huge risk that once having gathered the project address, you will not find it. Such хайпы are short-lived and at once are closed after the planned sum is gathered.

Here so having wandered on open spaces of the Internet and having tested on myself the above described ways of "earnings" I found really normal in which I am engaged some years.

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