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Purchase and sale of references


 The exchange of purchase and sale of the references MainLink was created in 2005. For this period the exchange not only sustained the competition, but also became one of leaders in the market of purchase and sale of references. The main direction, as well as everywhere, is a receiving profit. As well as any product, a main objective of system is receiving profit. I work from birzhy MainLink more than 4 years. Laudatory "songs" in her honor I will not sing, it does not need it, - I will tell only that for all the time of cooperation of the niodny not solved question did not remain, and them, especially at first, was much. The service of technical support answers always quickly and on business. If you decided to sell references from the site, i.e. to work as the web designer, but at you problems with code installation on a site - it is possible to leave simply the demand and employees of MainLink for you will make everything - and is FREE.

MainLink began work with sales of references from the main pages, then sale of references from internal pages was connected. Now it is possible to sell places under announcements and press releases.
Working with MainLink, always it is possible to count on excellent result. There is no accumulative sum for removal. The earned money can be deduced though every day (1 time is more exact at 24 o'clock). The conclusion occurs automatically and in some seconds you will see them on the purse. In Besides, in MainLink a good partnyorka - you invite for work in system of people and the exchange to you pays quite good percent from their work, and pays from the income, instead of from the income of partners. At work with system it is possible to receive additional bonuses and discounts. In MainLink the system of the statuses is developed for constant users. In MainLink continuous monitoring of the bought references is conducted. The advertiser can be sure that money was not in vain spent and the acquired references will be indexed by searchers and will bring desirable result. MainLink has the clear interface both in the panel of the advertiser, and in the panel of the web designer. As a rule difficulties in work with system does not arise.


The partner program gives you opportunity to invite new users in system and to receive for it the commission from their work.
How to earn?
All is very simple - you place one of advertizing banners on the site, users are registered according to specially created reference in which your label is included. The user is attached to you and at carrying out monetary operations by it at the beginning of every month you will receive on five percent from the sum of the operations carried out by it.

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