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After you created the site it is necessary to place it in a network. Site placement on the Internet also is called as a hosting. In other words you lease some part of server space. The companies which render services in placement of sites on the Internet, are called as hosters. The hosting happens paid and free. The free hosting tells for itself - placement of a site free, well and respectively number of services almost equally to zero and навтыкают in loading to your site the advertizing. It is necessary to you? Therefore then not to get a headache it is better to place at once the site on a paid hosting. Cost of services of hosters begins approximately from 60 rubles a month.

What hosting to choose

To choose the good hosting company is very important task. And not always it happens easy. After all any company will never write about the shortcomings. Good work of your site completely depends on professionalism of the company. The best way to choose a good hosting is to gather п search - a hosting responses - and to esteem, as respond about work a hosting - the companies other users. Well and, proceeding from read to be defined in what hosting of the company рамещать your site. Will find the best hosting, will prevent to transfer nothing the site on it. So was and at me. The hosting on which there were all my sites, started to knock, i.e. too often there were such cases when you want to come on a site, instead of can. It I will not call - everything can there corrected and the hosting normally earned. Having read responses at forums, I chose хостиг - the company BeGet.ru



Зарегистрировавшишь on BeGet.ru I wrote at once a request to support to help to transfer sites on their hosting. Experts BeGet.ru carried out all work on transfer of sites less than in days and this service at them is completely free. And in general BeGet.ru it is possible to tell about technical support of a hosting only the good. At any time with what question on work of a hosting you would not will address - almost at once you will receive the normal answer, instead of the formal reply any. In the same place it is possible to register a domain name for your site. BeGet.ru it is possible to carry to advantages of a hosting: 1. the big test period - in a current 30-ти days you can use a hosting absolutely free of charge, without any restrictions.

2. Convenient control panel

3. Round-the-clock and fast technical support irrespective of complexity of a problem.

4. Support on ICQ

5. Excellent speed of sites - sites it is direct "fly"

6. Cheap tariffs

7. Sites  work at a cursor of DLE simply perfectly

It is possible to list still for a long time advantages of a hosting BeGet.ru but how to be spoken - better most to try, than from whom that to hear. So place the sites on BeGet.ru - will not regret.

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