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Work in Google Adsense

Google Adsense

When your site becomes more - less visited it is possible to start to earn in Google Adsense. For this purpose it is necessary to place the Google Adsense code on pages of your site. Visitors of your site will see the announcements close on subject to texts, placed on site pages (the system itself will define the contents and подберёт subject). As the subject and the maintenance of your site is interesting to visitors, differently as though they on it got, and the placed announcements can interest them. And when visitors click announcements, AdSense to you charges a small money for each click. The price for cliques happens different - everything depends on the advertiser who appoints it. Usually the price fluctuates within 2-11 cents, but there are also expensive cliques. On one of my sites there was a click in cost 1 dollar of 40 cents. At the forums devoted by AdSense, I met a mention of cliques in cost in 3 dollars.

Many owners of sites, actively earn On advertizing in Google AdSense actively many owners of sites earn. And in it there is nothing surprising. There are no rigid requirements to high attendance of a site. It is enough to have 50 visits in day and your site it will be allowed to displays. Further everything will already depend on you. The most important — to make your site visited and to rejoice growing, from a klikanye visitors on advertizing, the account.

The book on work in AdSense

On the Internet there is a lot of informative literature on work in Google AdSense. Some the doge try to sell it, but I do not think that this correct decision. Here you can download the book in which in more detail, than I here described, important points are stated and advice is given how to start to work with Google AdSense and to achieve устеха.


Mistakes at work in AdSense

So that it is better not to do in Google AdSense not to receive lifelong Bann.

1. Nizachto do not click the announcements placed on your site, and do not urge to click the acquaintances and friends .
2. It is forbidden to write appeals near Google AdSense announcements покликать as veiled and opened - all should be natural. It is impossible to place pictures if it can mislead visitors and they near the block of announcements, thinking that click the picture, get on announcements.
3. Do not place on pages of the announcement of Google AdSense without normal number of the text.
4. Do not involve visitors by means of programs which pay for viewings and cliques according to your announcements of Google AdSense.
5. Do not place more than 3 advertisements and 3 blocks of advertizing references on one page.
6. Do not disclose your information on the income and indicators in the Google AdSense program.
7. One account Google AdSense for all your sites. Besides, one account Google AdSense forever to create and use the second account it is forbidden.
8. If you have a good site which successfully and profitably works with Google AdSense, and you decided to make still a site and already on it to experiment with Google AdSense program rules, do not do it is for violation of the rules all account will be closed.

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